Christmas magic

I balled my eyes out the other day as I watched Jimmy Fallon & members of The Roots belt out  Christmas Time Is Here alongside the Young People’s Chorus of New York City. I don’t know why. I’m not a very emotional person these days…But there’s something about Christmas that brings out all the feels.

I carry a deep love for this holiday in my little 28 year old heart, I always have and I think I always will.

Give me the annoying carols, the over the top decorations, and the 30 degree weather with a massive snowfall… Although not possible anymore now I’m in LA. I get excited when it gets below 60 over here on the West side. Hell, it rained a few days ago and I thought my happy heart was going to explode.

I think the holidays bring a bit of nostalgia for everyone. You can’t help but think back on the past and get a little lost in your own mind full of memories. I always thought Christmas was something really reallyspecial. Maybe it’s because this holiday is the last tiny bit of magic that we get to bring with us into adulthood. Everything else, little by little, is pushed away or outgrown and eventually forgotten.

But Christmas… Christmas is different.

It’s a reflection of the past, both the good and the bad memories…And bringing forward the traditions you hold close to your heart.

It’s sleepy eyes and hot coffee cups turned cold because of busy hands.

It’s eggnog & chats & catching up with family.

It’s a celebration of this year, before you have to make a single promise for the year to come.

Or for us today, it’s medicine & Netflix marathons while our toddler goes back and forth between my husband & I in hopes that cuddles will make her feel better… While I know that someday when we have many Christmases under our belts, I’ll remind her of how much she used to need us (and get a little choked up).

Christmas is magic.

And I hope my daughter will grow up and always feel that same way too. I’ll try my damn hardest to make that so.

Merry Christmas guys xo



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