‘The Anxiety Chronicles’

Sometimes I feel like I should rename this blog ‘The Anxiety Chronicles’

For all the lack of writing.

All the things I’ve written and then deleted.

Maybe if I start writing about anxiety, I can start to realize that my entire being is not just that. I’m so many more things than that. But it can be suffocating and then at times completely suffocating.

In this golden age of social media, it’s become imperative to always put a best face forward for some… But we are not our profiles.

We’re human beings. And we get sad, and we feel anxious, and we can be consumed with the overwhelming feelings of life. But we don’t feel the need to share most of these things with the world, in fear of looking weak. So we judge those that do…

In hopes that no one else will ever judge us in the same way.

“If we could remove fear from our lives, can you imagine how fucking great we’d be??”

In the sake of fear and trying to diminish the word, I gave myself a 30 day challenge. I’m currently approaching the last week of it, so after all is said and done, I’ll have more to share. Right now I’d still like to savor it, before exposing it and myself to everyone.

I think I’ll enjoy this one for a little longer.

Details to come…


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