Something old/ Something new


Saint Laurent Sac De Jour in Black Grained Leather


“Oh okay, so now this chick wants to try her hand at fashion blogging {rolls eyes} “- you reading my blog right now.

I’ve never been one to receive applause for the clothes that I put on everyday and you know what? I’ve never really expected to. I’ve been called bland & simple… Mainly by my biggest critic, myself.

The simple things I’ve loved the most have always been the hardest to find though, which has made it all the more discouraging. You would think a well fitting white T-shirt that falls just the right way would be an easy catch, but surprisingly it’s not… Unless you know where to look. I now reside in a city that, although scoffs at you behind your back, has a vast array of choices for a woman with simple needs and a fire passion for neutrals. Finally.

I have a love of neutrals that will never ever fucking die… But rather than try to fight it any longer, I’m choosing to embrace that ish. I’m putting my closet of Black, White, Grey, and sometimes Tan out there with a quest to own my simplistic ‘style’. I am not a fashionista (but I am a feminista). I’m just a young mama learning how to embrace the things she’s always loved… and putting em’ on this body that to be honest, she hasn’t always.

I’m turning my old life long fashion choices into something new… Or rather giving them a new perspective.

Disclaimer: I’m not a fashion blogger, I’m not here to make you feel like I’m better than you or that I’m untouchable. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. I’m here to show you that even mamas with no fashion sense can pick out a nice bag and still feel like effing champs leaving the house with drool on their shirts and cheerios stuck in their hair.

You’ll see a lot of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, jackets, black bags & every once in awhile maybe a pop of color in my wardrobe if I feel like it…

Also stay tuned for some more real life talk on this blog about life and mama hood and the daily struggles of LA.

xo Alyssa’s Roses

Bag: Saint Laurent Sac De Jour in black grained leather / Jacket: Banana Republic / Scarf: off white infinity scarf 


  1. StyleRarebit · January 6, 2016

    I think you look beautiful and I think it’s really refreshing to see someone posting what they truly love to wear rather than just copying something because it’s cool. I hope you keep it up!
    Christy x

    Liked by 1 person

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