Anyone else having a hard time watching their littles transform into toddlers with all their independence? No matter how many times other moms tell you how fast the time goes by, you never know until it does.

Motherhood is joy & heartbreak all at once. It’s cheering at every milestone and it’s gratitude for every single day.

But it’s also the realization that if you’re doing your job right, you’re raising your child to become her own person. It’s both the hugest reward as well as the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Everyday, you’re investing into the biggest part of your being, her. Motherhood is a reflection into your past, as well as your hope into the future. It’s loving someone more than you could possibly begin to explain. And it’s unity amongst other moms, as you know you don’t need to. No matter how much you give your kids, it will always be FAR more take. They’ll never have any idea of how much they’re giving you. They have no idea the degree of impact on your every single molecule. Motherhood is joy & heartbreak all at once. Now excuse me while I go cuddle with my big girl. 

One comment

  1. homeschoolbum · March 6, 2016

    Ain’t it just ❤


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