About this mama

LA livin, Anxiety ridden badass mama with a sprinkle of fashion for the non-fashionista.

Lover of fitness, black bags, sarcasm, and neutrals.

Check me out on instagram too! : @alyssasroses

“My posts of motherhood are my attempts to reach out to other moms about my own personal experiences… Whether that be with anxiety, or tough situations, or hard truths, or self doubt, or happy moments, or heart breaking moments. I always hope that when other moms read my blog, they can feel even a tiny sense of community, even if they can’t relate to every post or we’ve never met before or even if they’re not mothers at all. As a woman or just a person, I hope that I am able to write things that remind you that we are all one.

And deep down, I want to have something my daughter can look back on when I’m long gone and she can be proud knowing that I tried my best and that at the end of the day, I’m only human just like she. I want her to know that having a voice is one of the most important things in the world, even if at times it feels like your voice is small or shaky, it’s still a voice. It still matters. It’s still important.”

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